Second opinion

Do you have to make an important decision? Are you deciding if surgery is right for you? You need a second opinion. Our specialists will either confirm the initial diagnosis, or offer alternative solutions to your problem.

When it comes to your health, don’t accept just one answer. All good doctors understands your inalienable right for a second opinion. Most doctors will welcome the input from another physician. Some doctors will offer you to consult with another specialist on their own initiative. Important: health care funds partly participate in the costs of obtaining a “second opinion”.


Knowledge is power

To make the right decision, you need to see the whole picture. There are various approaches to many medical problems. When you consult with specialists, it is important to provide them with the full scope of your health data, including the results of tests and diagnostics. After a patient-to-doctor consultation, you will be able to compare the alternatives offered to you and, based on all the information you have, make the best choice for your care.


When should I ask for a “second opinion”?

It is necessary to ask for a “second opinion” in the following cases:

  1. If you are diagnosed with a serious/rare disease.
  2. If you believe there are other methods or ways to treat your problem that were not previously offered to you.
  3. When the results of inspections and tests are ambiguous. Another expert may suggest additional tests that can shed light on the situation.
  4. If you are hesitant about the therapeutic measures suggested by your doctor.


How to locate a specialist to get a second opinion from?

For a “second opinion” it is best to contact a specialist working in another medical institution, since the approaches adopted in different institutions and among different doctors may vary significantly. This will allow you to learn about the existence of a wide spectrum of approaches to a particular medical problem, or dispel your concerns about the initial diagnosis.

Hadassah Medical experts are world-class specialists with deep professional knowledge and many years of practical experience. It is for this level of professionalism and passion that Hadassah achieved a global reputation for excellence in caring and curing.


Steps you should take if you decide to seek a second opinion

If you decide to consult with a specialist, it is worth preparing a list of your questions in advance in order to get all the information you need. Here are the most important questions to the specialist:

  1. What is their opinion about the initial diagnosis?
  2. Do they recommend any additional tests?
  3. Are there other methods of treatment in this situation?
  4. What could be the consequences of the proposed treatment methods?
  5. What are the treatment options in public and private medicine, as well as abroad?


It’s time to take full responsibility for your health!

Remember that you have the full right to apply for a “second opinion” – and sometimes it is simply vital!

“Second opinion” can save lives!

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