Hadassah Medical Academy

Hadassah is a world leader in medical care and education.
For over 100 years, Hadassah has been training physicians, nurses, medical teams and leaders, delivering quality and excellence in medicine. Hadassah Medical Academy offers you the opportunity to procure the most updated medical know-how, in a variety of disciplines, from leading specialists in Israel and worldwide.


Hadassah is a name synonymous with quality and advanced medicine for over a century. The best physicians in Israel and some of the world key-opinion leaders were trained at Hadassah. The next generation of promising physicians and medical team members is presently educated at Hadassah’s institutions.


The unique experience and expertise we have accrued throughout the years has accumulated into an amassed treasure of medical proficiency, skill and competence, which we confer to medical professionals at systems and institutions in Israel and worldwide.


Hadassah has championed a steadfast commitment to the promotion of exemplary and cutting-edge medicine. We believe that continuous medical education plays a significant role in the quality of medical care and its ensuing success.


Hadassah Medical Academy compiles the variety of training disciplines offered at Hadassah. Every year, leading experts at Hadassah train doctors and medical teams across the globe via its medical centers at Hadassah Ein Kerem and Hadassah Mount Scopus. The trained medical personnel receive the most in-depth and advanced medical knowledge base, which they apply in multiple aspects of their daily work with patients.


Choosing Hadassah Medical Academy means:

  • Learn from the very best: Our instructors include Hadassah’s medical staff – leading physicians in every discipline of medicine
  • Encounter and practice: Gain experience in real-time treatment of complex medical situations from a substantive live physician database, compiled over decades of intensive medical research and activity
  • Access to up-to-date multidisciplinary training programs: This array of programs was designed out of an in-depth recognition of contemporary challenges facing medical teams today.


We are proud to offer cutting-edge medical education in a unique and diversified collection of training programs.


The specific structure and details of each program is individually constructed and, as such, may vary periodically and can be customized exclusively according to necessity.


For further inquiries: tomerg@hadassah.org.il


Download a Brochure (PDF)

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