Pain treatment: NCS technology

Neurocryostimulation Technology (NCS)

Pain treatment with NCS is based on a powerful thermal shock caused by exposure to carbon dioxide at low temperatures and high pressure on the skin surface in the pain center area. Stimulation of cutaneous receptors causes a reaction of the nervous system that triggers a central neurological response.



Treatment modality

The treatment procedure using NCS technology includes 8-12 sessions lasting 15-20 minutes. Many patients testify that pain is reduced after the third session.



Physiological process

The NCS device provides a drop in cutaneous temperature from 32°C to 4°C within 30 seconds which causes the reaction of the nervous system, replacing the signals of pain and ultimately causing an analgesic effect.



Ministry of Health and FDA license

NCS technology is used in many Israeli and foreign hospitals for pain relief and orthopedic rehabilitation. It is used in professional sports. The technology has been tested by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration).



NCS technology can help with the following issues:

  • arthritis
  • lower back pain, lumbago
  • orthopedic problems
  • “tennis elbow”
  • pain relief
  • inflammation of tendons or muscles
  • adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
  • muscle cramps
  • other pains (at the doctor’s discretion)


Benefits of NCS technology

  • A high percentage of successful pain relief
  • Non-invasive treatment that does not require subsequent recovery
  • No medication needed
  • It lasts only 15-25 minutes
  • Suitable for pregnant and lactating women


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